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御所西界隈で、昨年出店の新店舗です。元呉服問屋の屋敷で、若女将や皆さんのご対応、雰囲気も良く、また、部屋装飾・庭の手入れも上品に行き届いております。 春の府庁・御所のしだれ桜の見物、二条城からも近い。京の中心「烏丸丸太町」で便利。

 "SHIRIRI" Kyoto head store, shabu-shabu soup restaurant.
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This shop that was opened by the renovation of the house kimono wholesaler, located on the west side of the Imperial Palace.  It`s the famous cuisine "shabu soup" restaurant as Japanese food. Service of the Landlady, gardening and decoration of the room is also good quality. Here located in the center of Kyoto, near Imperial Palace and Prefectural Government, Nijo Castle  they are famous of cherry blossoms.



1F   Boasts TAKEOUT bread,  The specialties "Madame Kitayama"    2F  Restaurant,   affordable Lunch, and dinner.   Scenery is beautiful. Also has a car park.

北山ブリアン 植物園北側にあり、駐車場も完備。 1Fは自慢のパン TAKEOUT 名物「北山マダム」  2Fがレストラン ランチはもちろん、ディナーも手ごろ。見下ろす風景、道路をはさんだ緑がキレイ! 春・秋、植物園で 梅・桜・もみじを楽しみ、休憩に最適。夏、涼しいソファーで美味しいスイーツが待ってるヨ



Japanese soba noodles  " Yoshimura Kiyomizu Anne"

Kiyomizu-temple is to have two uphill from the street Higashiyama st,
This shop is located on the north side of the confluence. Quiet space hustle and bustle of the outside can not hear at all. I recommend a reservation, Please enjoy yourself at home.  In, while overlooking the Higashiyama time to time, offer a delicious buckwheat.

「 よしむら清水庵 」 東山通りから清水寺への登り坂は2つあります。


本店の「 嵐山よしむら 」は、桂川沿い北側。渡月橋と嵐山が一望できる二階座敷がお薦め。 










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2016年秋 現在  オーナー&店舗改装

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